A possible resolution for PowerPoint password recovery problem

Published: 28th February 2011
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Perhaps, it is in our instinctual behavior to forget things frequently. Memory loss is our old natural habit that can be ignored, but most of the times, it may cost us the most valuable things in our life. Lets take the example of passwords. People are quite often found dealing in passwords while trying to protect their data because password-protection is easy and reliable. Many application programs and operating systems also have inbuilt support for password-protection. Moreover, there are a number of software that enable you to lock important files and folders with any password of your choice. But all this would go in vain, if you forget your all important passwords. Suppose, you have prepared an official presentation that contains some confidential data of your organization. You set a password to this PowerPoint file to protect it from any unauthorized access. But later at the time of submitting, you forget its password. This may land you in a troublesome situation as you will not be able to access your vital data stored in the file. To easily overcome this situation, you need to go for PowerPoint password recovery through a reliable third party utility.

Why do people forget their passwords? It usually happens when you set long and complex passwords to your files. Most of the time, you think that setting complex passwords would help you to protect your files against any hacking attempt as nobody would be able to crack those complex passwords. But it may happen that you forget your own password and make your password-protected file inaccessible. In such situations, you require a PowerPoint password recovery software to make your password-protected file accessible again.

These software are not only reliable and efficient, but also embed several helpful features to make your password recovery process simple and less time-consuming. They employ a brute-force technique to search for lost or forgotten passwords. They also maintain an inbuilt dictionary to store all the recovered passwords.

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Password Recovery is a comprehensive utility that recovers passwords from any PowerPoint file created in MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. It employs several masking techniques to recover your lost password with 100% accuracy.

Jacy Andrew is a data recovery expert and doing research on Powerpoint Password Recovery Software.

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